Monday, March 17, 2008

Who the Hell is Jeff Anderson? Hint... He is the Author of Homemade Supplement Secrets

Who the hell is Jeff Anderson and why is he called the "Muscle Nerd?"

The truth is...

I don't know!

And you will have to find that out for yourself.

You see, what I DO KNOW about Jeff Anderson is that he is an expert in the areas of homemade supplement and fitness to burn fat flabs off your body...

And yeah, that is a picture of him on your right. But if you go to his website, you will see am "before" picture of him.

Not very pretty...

So if you are mad enough. Determined enough. Than check more information about him and what information he has on my website. And my website has the links you need to get more details from him.

Homemade Supplement Secrets by Jeff Anderson aka "Muscle Nerd"

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