Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Acne Treatment for Sufferers... Acne Free in Three Days by Chris Gibson Review...

As Chris Gibson, the author of the eBook, "Acne Free in Three Days" said, "Acne is a serious problem and is not fun."

Although scientists are not exactly sure what is the cause of acne or those ugly pimples The general consensus is that the pore on your skin collapses on itself and prevents oil from escaping. Since there are so many different possibilities that causes pimples, it makes sense we should just put our efforts into finding a tested and effective acne treatment.

For hundreds of millions of people around the world, acne rears its' ugly head often and with a vengeance. Teenagers are at the highest risk, with 70 percent of them affected with these gross and painful blemishes. Clear, glowing skin, free of acne is exactly what we want.

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Natural Acne Treatment - Acne Free in Three Days by Chris Gibson

Monday, March 19, 2007

Chefs Diet - Healthy Food Deliveries

You want to lose weight. You are concerned with your unhealthy diet. You want to make changes...

But you are just too BUSY!!! If this is you, then I have great news for you. There is a website that you can order deliveries of high quality, tasty and healthy meal plans for the week from.

This site is called, Chefs Diet. They have been doing this for a while and have built up a sizeable list of clients. Be sure to check their references because you will agree with me that it is impressive.

After all, Doesn't it make absolute sense to get professionals who know healthy and tasty foods to do this for you so you can concentrate on the more important things such as your career?

Healthy Recipes by Chefs Diet

Friday, March 9, 2007

Eddie Found the Perfect Diet...

Now he looks like a very old and unhealthy man...

If you need any incentive to stay away from drugs, take a look at the 1980s guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen who is 53 years old and looks like seventy. This man just checked into drug rehab so draw your conclusions...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Exercise experts pick top 10 fitness myths

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Life/Travel: Health

The writer asked several fitness experts to pick out the top 10 fitness myths.

Here are my favorites:

1. Sit-ups or crunches will burn fat off your abs.

2. There is an easy way to lose weight.
4. Weightlifting makes women big and bulky.

Ab flab is probably one of the most common complaints of adults in modern society. As a result, the professional marketers know this and target those people in magazine ads and info commercials on tee vee.

But the truth of the matter is, you can have the greatest rock hard ab muscles in the world but as long as you have fat, you will never see it. So the key thing to do is to work on overall body exercises and nutrition. The abs will come later...

The second issue is that seeking an easy way to lose weight is a losing proposition(pun intended). Losing weight is simple but not easy. You have to focus on the proper nutrition and exercises that will burn fat like nobody's business. But you have to do it. Nutrition and exercises is simpler than you think...

The last one is the oldie but goody. Jamie Eason, the gorgeous fitness model has said this too, if you want to lose fat, you must build up your muscles. Worrying about looking like those East German athletes of twenty years ago is NOT going to happen. They took steroids.

Women can look sleek and toned with muscles. So try using dumbells or rubber bands instead of listening to people who don't know what they are talking about. See how your body responds. I think you will be pleased...

Weight loss diet plan

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Workout Routine to Get Rid of Fat

Ok, so you want to get rid of all that fat chunks on your body? Well, congratulations! When you are finally mad enough, it is a good thing. That is because it is time for you to find a way to tackle your nasty fat problem.

Craig Ballantine is one of the good guys. He wrote a very good eBook called, "Turbulence Training." You see, Craig is a very prolific writer. He has articles in all the major muscle magazines and websites. So he knows what he is talking about.

Now, you can find some "magic pills" or magic ab machine but let me save you the time... they don't work.

The ONLY way to get rid of your fat safely is the natural way. However, the natural way may NOT be what you think it is...

The natural way is simply the way humans have been eating and exercising for hundred of thousands of years. If you didn't know that, farming was only invented 10,000 years ago -- a blip in the history of humans.

So if we choose to eat and exercise that worked for our ancestors -- guess what? You are gonna be amazed what you look like. The best part is that the natural way is healthier and permanent.

And it doesn't mean you have to work out like a dog doing aerobic exercises. It doesn't mean you have to eat grass and carrots.

If you are curious, be sure to check out this article by Craig Ballantine "Workouts for a Busy Gym" here:

Workout Routine to Get Rid of Fat