Thursday, August 30, 2007

Obesity Rates Are Still Climbing...

Loosen the belt buckle another notch America: Obesity rates continued their climb in 31 states last year. No state showed a decline.

Mississippi became the first state to crack the 30% barrier for adult residents considered to be obese. West Virginia and Alabama are just slightly behind, according to the Trust for America's Health, a research group that focuses on disease prevention.

Colorado continued its reign as the leanest state in the nation with an obesity rate projected at 17.6%.


Scary huh? Especially for those readers who are already obese. And we can blame our society's embrace for junk food and no exercise.

I say -- Dare to be different!

Why should we "settle" and be very unhappy with ourselves? And I absolutely understand that making a life change is NOT an easy thing to do...

But the simplest way to tackle this problem is to find a fat loss source that tells it like it is and what you can do about it yourself.

How about a book that tells you the secrets of losing fat and gaining muscles. No hype. No drugs. No herbs.

Tom Venuto wrote an e-book that tells you all about the myths and fallacies that surround fat loss. He tells you HOW to plan your meals, what to eat and how to exercise for YOUR body type.

It doesn't get any simpler than that. And you know all the information and crap out there these days from the weight loss industry DOESN'T work!!!

These guys are making out like bandits. The weight loss industry makes billions every year and yet, the adult population of most modern countries are getting fatter every year.

I say to the weight industry -- YOUR FIRED!

I strongly urge you to check out Tom's book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (BFFM). You will be glad you did.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hotel Room Workout

This is a great workout video from Craig Ballantyne. When you are traveling or at a convention, you STILL can get a great free workout plan at the privacy of your hotel room.

Just using your own body weight! Just work out and get it over with and you got a great start for the day...

Be sure to check out my review of Craig Ballantyne's book, Turbulence Training here:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Get Don Imus Some Soap...

I have never heard Don Imus on the radio. But I did see what he had to say a few months back that caused this three ring circus...

And recently, he settled with his former employers who fired him for $20 million dollars.

Does that mean he is redeemed and was right to say what he said about the girl's Rutgers basketball team?

Yes and no.

He has the right to say whatever he wants to say because of one of our most cherished rights as an American. This doesn't excused him for being the miserable excuse of a human being. Saying obnoxious things like he did really has no place in our society.

And then he is getting sued by one of the girls on the basketball team. I don't know if she has a case -- but anything to create some anxiety on Don Imus part is all right with me!

So be careful what you say to others... it may be funny at the time to you but you might regret it. I'm sure we have all been at the recieving end of verbal insults. It isn't nice. It is rude and inconsiderate.

Be the person that is above all the crap that is spewed in our society.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why Is Everyone Getting Fatter When On A Diet?

If you are dieting -- and it really sucks -- you should consider another approach.

What am I talking about?

I'm glad you asked. I am talking about finding out how your body works and how it processes food.

And you will be surprised, that eating veggies, grass and water is the wrong way to go.

You see, when you restrict calories, your body is way smarter than you. It tells itself, oh-oh! Bad times are a coming.

What does this mean?

Your body slows down its metabolism which is counterproductive to what you are trying to do. As a result, whenever you start your diet, you at first will lost some weight -- but it starts getting harder and harder to lose anymore.

Sounds familiar?

And that is not the worst of it. You see, when you restrict calories, the body must get some energy to support the regular body functions. Since it is in the "starvation mode," the fat that is stored in your body is left alone for future energy storage. Instead, your body metabolizes your muscles!!!

That's right! When you go on a calorie restricted diet, you actually get fatter. Less muscles and the fat is left alone.

That sucks huh? Let's find a better way so that you can eat healthier and not feel like crap all the time.

Weight Loss Diet Plan