Sunday, March 4, 2007

Workout Routine to Get Rid of Fat

Ok, so you want to get rid of all that fat chunks on your body? Well, congratulations! When you are finally mad enough, it is a good thing. That is because it is time for you to find a way to tackle your nasty fat problem.

Craig Ballantine is one of the good guys. He wrote a very good eBook called, "Turbulence Training." You see, Craig is a very prolific writer. He has articles in all the major muscle magazines and websites. So he knows what he is talking about.

Now, you can find some "magic pills" or magic ab machine but let me save you the time... they don't work.

The ONLY way to get rid of your fat safely is the natural way. However, the natural way may NOT be what you think it is...

The natural way is simply the way humans have been eating and exercising for hundred of thousands of years. If you didn't know that, farming was only invented 10,000 years ago -- a blip in the history of humans.

So if we choose to eat and exercise that worked for our ancestors -- guess what? You are gonna be amazed what you look like. The best part is that the natural way is healthier and permanent.

And it doesn't mean you have to work out like a dog doing aerobic exercises. It doesn't mean you have to eat grass and carrots.

If you are curious, be sure to check out this article by Craig Ballantine "Workouts for a Busy Gym" here:

Workout Routine to Get Rid of Fat

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