Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Connor McCreaddie 217 pounds and only 8 Years old

Eight Years Old and 217lbs: Connor McCreaddie's Struggle - Associated Content

Ok. This situation deserves a mention on my blog because it has the potential to become tragic due to bad eating habits and non-existent exercises...

In case you haven't heard or seen the news lately, the child care officials in England had threatened to remove Connor from his mother due to his high level of obesity. To be it in perspective, he weighs more than 5 times the average weight of another child his age!

So mom is being accused of maltreating her kid. And the article does mention she loves him so much that she will give him whatever he wants to eat. And what kid is going to turn down junk food to eat healthy foods?


And the article mentions his exercise routine is non existent.

Well surprise...

You see, the obesity epidemic doesn't strike just adults -- it can even strike kids who shun the ordinary things kids like to do and eat all the junk food he wants.

Is his mother to blame? Well, let's get real here... she isn't putting her foot down and saying, "Eat your broccoli or No dessert for you tonight young man!"

But I am glad the government officials are not taking Connor away from his mom. I think that is extreme and would be more damaging.

However, I do think Connor's mom should definitely get some coaching how to take care of Connor and bring his weight down safely. She will have to learn how to be strong and disciplined.

Not an easy task...

What do you think?

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