Sunday, June 10, 2007

Winning Through Intimidation

Recently, I read a great book by Robert J. Ringer, "Winning Through Intimidation."

This book was written in 1973 and is remarkably current in today's society.

Robert wrote about his experiences and model theories that are applicable to anything you do in life.

One of his theories is "Organic Chemistry Theory." This theory was based on his college experience in his chemistry class. He described this know-it-all in the lab. The guy practically juggled test tubes and worked effortlessly through the experiments.

And let everyone know about it.

Robert called this guy the "Court Holder." When someone knows-it-all and explains how utterly simple it all is.. he is a court holder. We all know someone like this.

To continue the story...

And poor Robert Ringer... he was so confused. So he hit the books every night studying as hard as he could... just so that he could catch up.

And then the day of the exam. Robert got the highest score in the class, way above anyone else. And the court holder? He scored about the median. That meant half the class did better than him...

Go figure...

So don't let anyone intimidate you by being a know-it-all. Chances are... it is his ego talking.

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