Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Steroids Era -- The Mitchell Reports

What do 7 MVP's and 31 All-Stars in professional baseball have in common?

They have been tied to the Steroid scandals.

The long awaited Mitchell Report came out a couple of days ago.

And you may be familiar with many of the names on the report. I'm telling you, it is simply dreadful...

Barry Bonds (take a gander at his rookie picture to your left. The guy was skinny and now look at him!), Roger Clemons, Miguel Tejada and 82 more names...

The idea that someone must abuse their bodies to compete is ridiculous. Go talk to Lyle Alzado. But it is too late. The man is dead. He was 43 years old when he died of brain tumors that were directly caused by his use of steroids to continue his NFL career.

There will be apologists coming out of the woodwork. They will want to rewrite history. They ignore the most important fact of all. Baseball is the past time of United States. Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio and many many others.

None of those guys took performance enhancing drugs and they put up fantastic statistics and records.

In fact, Babe Ruth never met a meal that he didn't like. And he was a prodigious drinker too. In fact, you can say that the Babe hit all those homeruns with one hand tied behind his back.

I expect the Major League Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig to come down like a ton of bricks and ban any players convicted of steroid use for life...

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