Saturday, January 19, 2008

Georgia Frontiere R.I.P.

Ahhh... I hate it when an sports icon dies...

Especially that feisty woman that brought the NFL's Rams from Los Angeles and moved them to St. Louis back in 1995.

You see, Georgia does have a past. She is from St. Louis (big surprise there!)

But she married seven times... starting at the age of 15 (word to the wise... probably not a good idea girls, she had to do this seven times before she got it right. wait until you are older before you take this step)

Her sixth husband was Carroll Rosenbloom who owned the L.A. Rams football team.

Georgia at one time was a nightclub singer...

Wonder if she was any good at it?

Anyway, she was the hometown hero of St. Louis. They loved her. And she passed away yesterday of breast cancer.

She was 80. She had a long life and she lived her life fully.

How about you? Have you done all you can to live the life of your dreams?

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