Sunday, May 11, 2008

Don't You Dare to Get Fat!

I'm not kidding here...

In England, some brides are making their bridesmaids sign a contract that they will not gain weight before the wedding day...


I'm not sure this is a good thing...

On one hand, it can be a motivating tool for the maid of honor to maintain her fitness. On the other hand, it would constitute bullying.

And bullying is indicative of lack of self respect and especially respect for other. Which to me is a far greater problem!

And this kind of absurdity can be found filtered throughout society. I call it prejudice. And I wouldn't put up with it.

In fact, many of the fitness and health books that I recommend on this blog and my website all say the same thing about others...

When YOU make the decision to lose weight or transform your body... make sure you surround yourself with supportive people.

And I don't mean those evil brides of Frankenstein that want you to sign a fat loss contract.

I mean good and kind people who will give you a small push when you need it to stay on track to get the healthy and fit body that you want!

The human body wasn't designed to be overweight. So if you feed yourself the proper nutrition and do the effective exercises... you will love looking at your transformed body soon!

Good luck.

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