Monday, December 1, 2008

3 Fat Burning Medicine Ball Workouts for You!


Men's Health fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne just told me about two
new cool Medicine Ball Videos he filmed, PLUS three new fat burning
medicine ball workouts you can do at home.

Medicine ball workouts sure are great when you don't have time to
go to the gym, so they are perfect for the busy holiday season.

You can do all three of his new TT Medicine Ball workouts in 10-25
minutes at home, in your bedroom, or even in your office. All you
need is a simple medicine ball, although a soccer ball or stability
ball will work for most of the exercises as well.

In Workout A, you'll do 3-4 supersets of medicine ball exercises
followed "interval training" with this cool exercise called Power

In Workout B, you'll do more advanced strength training exercises
with the medicine ball, and finish off with med ball burpees as
your interval training.

Finally, Workout C is a 10 exercise med ball circuit where you'll
go back to back to back with med ball exercises and no rest. You
can do that circuit up to three times.

With over 25 different and unique medicine ball exercises to help
you burn fat during busy times without going to the gym or using
fancy, bulky equipment, you'll do fun supersets and challenging
circuits, with every single exercise working multiple muscle groups
- including your abs.

So if you have family coming over, or a work Christmas function all
night, you can still do a workout at home with just the ball. It's
fast, fun, and effective.

No ball? Put it on your Christmas list!

Once you get access to the member's area, go to the TT Workout of
the Month area to download the Med Ball program.

If you want a crack at these TT Med Ball workouts, you'll get free
access to the program in the TT Member's area when you grab your
copy of Turbulence Training.

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You'll also get access to the TT Bodyweight Cardio and TT Meathead
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Helping you burn more fat in less time,

Matt Taylor
Turbulence Training Program

PS - This program is perfect for...

...when you want a break from the ordinary workouts, or when you
are sick of cardio machines, or during the holidays when you only
have time for 10 minutes of medicine ball exercis es in your

Not sure if these are for you?

Take the Turbulence Training $4.95 trial option for 21 days. If you
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