Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Loses Weight

Health warning: all diets make you fat

(Check out the before picture of Lindsay Lohan. The before picture is a typical picture of someone who is skinny-fat. )

There comes a point when you lose heart - when a diet seems like the only answer. But could it be that dieting had made me fatter?

According to research published by scientists from the University of California this week, the answer is: absolutely.

The Californian team analysed more than 30 studies of diets; one study found that a group of dieters ended up fatter than a control group who hadn't restricted their food at all.

I believe this. Trust me when I say this but those who go on starvation diets end up fatter. There is a simple explaination for this...

As Tom Venuto, the author of the best selling fat loss eBook today, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscles would say:

When you starve yourself, your body goes into the "starvation mode." The body will conserve energy. Since your muscles uses energy and calories, the body will reduce the muscles and store fat. By the end of your starvation diet, you actually have less muscles and more fat. Which is EXACTLY the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish.

It's insane huh? Why not try to lose fat safely and permanently? After all, the human body wasn't designed to be fat. It happened because of our eating habits and lack of proper exercises were counterproductive to building healthy and lean bodies...

Check out Tom Venuto's book if you want to know more...

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscles

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