Friday, April 20, 2007

Jessica Alba Thinks She is Fat

Say it isn't true Joe!!!

In spite of Victoria's Secret selecting Jessica Alba as the sexiest actress... Jessica Alba has neurosis and self doubts about her image.

Go figure.

We all have seen her pictures and movies -- we scratch our heads and wonder if she has "lost her marbles."

She said at the interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, "I hear people in this industry talking s*** all the time about how Jennifer Lopez is fat," she says tersely. "And I know if they're calling her fat, they're saying the same s*** about me."


But the truth is...

A LOT of people feel the same way! So you have a choice -- either waste your time and energy worrying about what people think about you and more importantly, worrying about what YOU think of yourself.

If you ask me, worrying is a waste of time. Either it is something that will never happen or it is an act of procrastination.

If it's the latter, I heard 'em all. And they are all B.S.!!!

And we will never do anything unless the pain of NOT doing it becomes greater than the pain of actually doing it.

Read the above sentence again...

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