Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The slimming club for fat cats and dogs

Well, humans are not the only species that is having trouble with their weight.

And to be honest, humans ARE responsible for the excessive weight gains of their pets...

From the article: "Half of dogs and cats in Britain are overweight, according to the RSPCA."


Wow! The RSPCA also says if you cannot not easily feel a dog or cat's ribs, it is probably overweight.

Their solution: take pet to expensive club to lose weight. My solution? Take a moment of time and really think about what cats and dogs are supposed to eat(Big hint -- MEAT). If they are eating grains and sugar -- alas -- I suspect many dog and cat foods have these ingredients...

And take them out for a walk if they are shut ins...

Just common sense. No need to spend gazillion bucks.

Oh yeah, take the beer away from the cat. :)

Weight Loss Diet Plan

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