Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Future of Weight Loss? Written by Craig Ballantyne the Author of the Top Bodyweight Workouts for Busy Folks...

The Future of Weight Loss?

By Craig Ballantyne

Thanks to a new invention, you can now lose weight by walking while you work.

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic hooked up subjects to a walking workstation - essentially, a treadmill at a stand-up desk - to determine how many calories they could burn while walking at a self-selected velocity (an average of 1.1 mph).

When they worked while sitting in a chair, the subjects burned 72 calories per hour. However, when using the walking workstation at 1.1 mph, they burned an average of 191 calories per hour.

The researchers concluded that using a walking workstation for as little as three hours per day could help people lose up to 60 pounds in a year.

However, let me add my professional opinion. To me, this is nothing more than wishful thinking. Why? Because, as I've reported previously long slow cardio is a waste of time. In fact, even six hours of hard cardio per week results in only an average of six pounds of fat loss in a year.

The bottom line is that aerobic exercise (a.k.a. cardio) is an inefficient way to burn fat. You need to focus on interval training and nutrition to lose that spare tire.

[Ed. Note: Fitness expert Craig Ballantyne is the creator of the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss system]

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