Sunday, September 14, 2008

It Isn't Too Late... Craig Ballantyne's TT Transformation Contest Starts Today!

This is a short youtube video of Craig Ballantyne giving you fitness tips for an upper body superset that is sure to add strength and burn fat...

Enjoy and don't forget to sign up for the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest...

It starts TODAY!

There is only 12 weeks left and the final pictures must be in... so if you want to get maximum results... you need to get started TODAY!

Here are the RULES!

And I'm gonna give you 3 great reasons to get start and why you should get started TODAY!

1) You need a dead line to lose weight... no if ands or buts... it has been proven over and over again when we set a deadline... we tend to achieve more... so if you join the TT Transformation contest... you have 12 weeks to show Craig Ballantyne your fat loss success story.

2) Social support... another great reason to get started... and yeah... it has also been proven that social support is absolutely critical for weight loss success! So when you grab a copy of TT to help you through your transformation... you also get 3 freakin' months of access to the TT Member's Are... where good folks from all over the world will help you go down the fat loss path...

So what are you awaiting for? Grab your copy here & get the support from the TT Members...

3) Competition! Anyone who watches sports on TV understands this... when you are competing against others... you put more effort into the task at hand... in short... you are CHALLENGING yourself!

As the great John Belushi once said in the iconoclast of a college flick, The Animal House... "Let's do it!!!"

Helping you get fit and healthy for the holiday season,

Matt Taylor

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