Thursday, September 11, 2008

How You Can Train Your Abs in Six Minutes from Craig Ballantyne... the author of Turbulence Training


I thought you would like to know what Craig Ballantyne has been up to lately...

And here is what Craig writes about his experience with the upcoming 6 minute Ab circuit. It is a new bonus that he will be giving to all TT Ab customers...

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I hit the local YMCA for a leg and 6-minute abs workout on Sunday morning. Six-minute abs is my latest mini-report and workout coming out in October.

You'll get a bunch of great beginner and advanced 6-minute ab workouts that show you how to get six pack abs in less time than it takes to watch all the commercials in a half-hour TV show. So some of these workouts you can do right at home in front of the TV.

The one I did yesterday was an advanaced 6-minute workout, and it requires a chin-up bar. Here's how it went down...

1A) Hanging Knee Raises (10 reps)
1B) Spiderman Climbs (10 reps per side)
1C) Plank with Arms on Ball (20-30 seconds)

Go through that circuit as much as you can in 6 minutes with as little rest as possible between exercieses. Don't even rest once you've completed the circuit, just start back again at the top.

It's tough. But fun and effective and gets your workout done faster than ever. And it was a far better use of workout time compared to the people I watched doing 15 minutes of crunches. What a waste.

I'll send you the bonus, "6-Minute Abs" workouts on October 1st, as soon as it is ready!

You CAN train your abs in only 6-minutes! Find out right here:

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