Saturday, December 2, 2006

Dangers of Weight Loss Pills

All Headline News - Weight-Loss Pills A Dangerous And Unregulated Market - December 2, 2006

If you are thinking it is time to lose weight. The first question I would ask you is why do you want to lose weight?

Some folks may say, "I want to look better!" This is a good goal.

Others may say, "I want to be healthier!" I think this is a great goal too.

But losing weight to look better or become healthier does NOT mean cutting corners. Granted, a lot of people are just too damn busy or even not motivated enought to do the work.

So they fall for the weight loss pills or some other scam. As this article mentions, weight loss pill industries are not regulated and could even be dangerous to your health.

So be very careful if you want to go that route...

My best suggestion is to find a moderate exercise and sensible diet plan to consistently lose weight. But this has to be a life change. You just can't just lose weight and then stop because if you go back to your old habits, you better bet that you will gain all the weight again.

So make it a life change! A slim and healthy you!

For a good weight loss diet plan that is simple but you will have to put in the work

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