Thursday, December 14, 2006

5 Tips To Fight Holiday Weight Gain - Living Well

12/13/2006 - Fitness: 5 Tips To Fight Holiday Weight Gain - Living Well -

You knew these articles were going to come out. Nobody likes a party pooper.

You see... we don't do anything until the pain of not doing something becomes greater than the pain of actually doing that thing.

Make sense to you?

Following this train of though... we won't do anything about our weight until after Christmas and we gain a few pounds from all the delicous holiday foods and treats. At that point, we get so darn angry that we vow a New Year's Resolution to diet until we lose the weight we gained the previous month and half or for the more ambitious ones, until we are skinny and sexy again.

So we start eating salad and other rabbit foods and sweat at the local gym. This usually lasts for a month or so and then we stop. It is just too hard and we don't have the motivation for it anymore and then we get depressed...

If this sounds familiar -- why not make the weight loss a LIFE TIME CHALLENGE.

Make healthy eating and proper exercise a daily goal for each and every day of your life. It is not a foot race. It is a slow, gradual walk in the park.

Didn't the tortoise win the race? Think about it...

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