Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Great Gama of India

The Great Gama of India (1882-1960) was 5'7" and 260 pounds. He was the world wrestling champion of his times. He retired undefeated in 5,000 matches. He made a challenge to other famous wrestling champions around the world. Most of them refused to fight Gama. As George Forman would say, "They are scared of me!" :)

If you look at his image to the left, you will see massive tree trunks for legs.

If you wondered how he developed them, he did Hindu squats and Hindu jumper squats. No fancy free weights. No isolation weights. Just simple Hindu squats that trains the legs as one unit.

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Nick said...

Actually, Gama did use weights. He had a large stone ring that rested on his shoulders while he did his squats.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Great Gama actually did use weights. Although barbells weren't used during his time, he used a massive 100 kg donut that he would place his head through while doing his baithak hindu squats. In order to build bulk and more muscle mass, you must use progressive weight resistance. If you do the same resistance over and over again for hundreds of repetitions, you will not build mass but endurance and definition. It is physiologically impossible to build bulk without progressive resistance that the muscles haven't adapted to yet.