Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Who is Your Role Model?

Testosterone Nation - The Jamie Eason Experience

YOu will find that most if not all, successful people have a role model. The purpose of having a role model is a simple way to focus on your goals.

And you do have a goal? Well, this is another common trait of successful people. But we can talk about this another day...

Let's say you are looking for a female role model that is similar to your body type. A girl that isn't too masculine and someone that isn't doesn't have that freaky, anorexic look.

Well, do what I do. I did an Internet search in the image tab. Let's use "fitness model." Up will pop dozens if not hundreds of fitness models. I picked Jamie Eason.

If you don't know anything about her, she is a fitness model that graced several fitness magazines and won several competitive bodybuilding shows.

But you see, the best thing about her is she is pretty smart, honest and humble. Did I mention that she looks great? She is in her early 30s, 5'2". Her weight is 110 to 112 pounds in the off-season and between 98 and 102 in-season. Her body fat is 12-15% off-season and 7-9% in-season.

I read an interview about her. She uses common sense to approach fitness. She made fantastic comments about getting fit.

However, she does admit she has great genetics that allow her to easily get the body she has. Let me just say here that there is 3 major body types. And once you figure out which one is yours, you will need to make a specific dieting and exercising program that "fits" you like a glove. Sure, you may not ever look like her but you sure can look like someone else that has a similar body type as yours and looks fantastic.

But Jamie Eason still needed to follow no-nonsense eating habits to achieve the shape and look of her body. Since she probably has a Ectomorph body type, she only works her legs twice a week and all the other muscles only once a week. She is NOT a big believer in cardio but does some during the week. Again, if you have a different body type, you may have to work more to get similar results. At the same token, DON'T use your body type as an excuse to give up. You can be amazed at what YOU can do... if you set your mind to it.

Jamie eats 5-6 meals a day (And surprise, this is exactly what Tom Venuto recommends in his book, Feed the Muscle Burn the Fat). Each meal has lean protein plus slow digesting carbs.

And guess what else?

She has always admired the physiques of Corey Everson and Rachel McLeish. She had role models too! Until she hired a nutritionist and personal trainer, she never knew the secrets to getting that toned, athletic look she has now.

And you don't have to spend a whole lot of money on experts. Tom Venuto's book does an admirable job explaining a diffult subject that has been totally screwed up by fast buck crowds selling the latest fad or phony theory of losing body fat and gaining toned muscles.

BTW, Jamie Eason said nobody will ever see her posing in the buff. And she hopes her male fans will understand this. She wants to be someone that women can relate to instead of those skinny, no-muscle, heroin-addict look. In fact, the only person who will see her in her birthday suit is the lucky guy she marries...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news... sorry guys!

By now, you have to admit that finding someone with a similiar body type that has had success will absolutely help you achieve your own weight and fitness goals!

Getting started is half the battle. Get your weight loss diet plan today!

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