Monday, January 29, 2007

Short bursts of exercise could boost weight loss

Short bursts of exercise could boost weight loss

It is a little cutting edge but there are some truths to interval exercises. Now, I am not a medical expert but I do read a lot of material on fat loss.

And my understanding of this is that interval sprinting exercise routine kicks butt when compared to aerobic exercises.

First of all, aerobic exercises doesn't help your heart. It just trains the body to endure longer periods of movements. Think about it, lots of people actually die while jogging. And didn't that jogging guru, Jim Fixx dies while jogging?

If you just supposed that in the long history of human beings -- we actually spend lots of time running at the top of our speed to kill the Woolly Mammoth or running away from the Sabertooth Tigers. I don't see those cavemen jogging to get from one place or another. But they did do a lot of walking (which by the way is a great exercise for us.).

So it is either walking or running really really fast. So why the obsession with joggers?

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